Updating the Website Daily!


Weathered stone and brick retaining wall in an Italian garden from about 1550 AD.

Just as this wall is built from various bricks and stones, has to hold back soil, let water through, turn the corner, and last for many years (since about 1550 AD), I am building my website brick by brick, with photos, a blog, links to FB, and planning for it to last for many years!

Still working out the details of the website.   Please be patient with me, everyone!   Our contact forms will be operational by the end of the week. (fingers crossed!)

I love a steep learning curve so this process has been lots of fun . . .  and lots of work in between all the other projects that fill my day to day life.   My To-Do list for the next few days includes learning how to post to my blog (hope this works!) and set up a Pinterest page.  I’m looking forward to learning more about it after my French niece-in-law, Maelle, showed me how cool it is.  What an amazing place to explore images and beauty!  (And great recipes.)

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