What lies beyond the gate?

Walking towards an elaborate Renaissance gate in a beautiful garden.

Celebrate the transitions in gardens and in our lives. This elaborate gate has built-in benches to rest a moment before moving forward into a new space.

What lies beyond the gate?  Italian gardens celebrate transitions between one part of the garden and the next – separating and linking simultaneously.  How do you celebrate the transitions in life?  Do you take the time to honor your transitions –  pausing to see how far you have come and then striding towards the next adventure?  Do you appreciate the views in front of you and also the vistas stretching back in the direction you have come?

We will be celebrating transitions in our lives – pausing to savor, celebrate and look ahead – when we return to visit Italian Renaissance Gardens in May 2016.  We would love to have you join us!  Special early bird pricing until Labor Day 2015 at TheQuietGarden.com


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