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Photo of Barbara, kindred spirit, part elf due to her love of trees.

Italian gardens, stone fountains, art meditation, wabi sabi beauty, ancient trees, kindred spirits. Come and join us!

Barbara Ruys is an architect, landscape designer, college instructor, mother, wife and traveler. She has facilitated spiritually based retreats for over 15 years in San Diego, always offering unique art meditation practices for those with no art experience. She first learned of these Italian Renaissance gardens in graduate school at Harvard over 25 years ago and later visited the gardens for herself. Bringing a select group to experience the beauty of these gardens and to create beauty while doing art meditation is a dream come true!

Linda photo - assistant for The Quiet Garden

Linda anticipates needs and can help with most questions. She is thrilled to be assisting The Quiet Garden in Italy!

Linda Moshref has been the registrar and retreat assistant for all the retreats facilitated by Barbara. Raised in Germany, with grown children who are half Persian, she speaks several languages and has worked as a travel agent and international business relocation consultant. She is warm and sensitive, eager to assist each member of the retreat with what they need to feel settled and focused on their experience.

“Kudos to Linda and Barbara! I’ve attended many retreats facilitated by these two women.  Linda is so sweet, inviting, helpful and accommodating to all of us in attendance at her retreats. She is always meticulous, prepared, organized and seasoned retreat planner with many years of facilitating experience. Barbara’s educational background and experience in the landscape architectural and artistic realm is always so refreshing. She is very creative in the way she weaves art and meditation together for such a fabulous experience for each of her retreat attendees.”        Sheri D., San Diego, CA


“Have had the pleasure of attending several retreats hosted by Barbara and Linda. Barbara has the uncanny ability of evoking a sense of calm, beauty-seeking observation in guided meditation, walks outside, studies of foliage, artistic explorations. Her sessions create the perfect space, within the imperfect world, for expression, meditation, and renewal.  Linda devotes herself to making sure all participants feel right at home, with personal, homey touches straight from the heart.”        Leila D., Riverside, CA

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