Imagine feasting at this table in the summer heat, with your drink cooling in the water flowing down the center. This is how the Cardinal dined in the 1560's.

Imagine how the Cardinal feasted with his friends at this table in the summer heat, with his drink cooling in the water flowing down the center. You can visit this magical spot without the heat and crowds.

I invite you to Italy in 2018!

Friday, May 4 – Friday, May 11,

Art Meditation Amidst Etruscan and Roman Ruins

Monday, May 14 to Monday, May 21,

Renaissance Garden Inspired Art Meditation

Are you celebrating a special birthday?

Do you need to step out of the routine of your life for reflection?

Do you need respite and recovery from caregiving?

Do you want a special week with your mother, sister, daughter or best friend?

You get a chance to reconnect with your deeper self –

by experiencing the beauty of Italy and these amazing spaces

. . . and being guided through a process of art meditation.

Art meditation is using the process of creating with your hands

to quiet your mind, integrate your life and emotions,

and experience ‘flow’. . .  

. . . even if you have not painted since 1st grade.

And have never tried any type of meditation.

‘Meditation’ is derived from a Latin verb meaning “to think, contemplate, devise, ponder.”

Savor metaphor, personal exploration and ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Enjoy sharing your discoveries with

a small group of kindred spirits.

The ideal small group experience for introverts – time for one’s self to recharge and also share the journey with like-minded women.

Soak in beauty through all your senses and

create beauty in your own travel journal.

Research shows spending time in nature, and creating with our hands,  is physically and emotionally healing.

I can take up to seven women during each week retreat north of Rome.  In the first retreat we will be in Etruscan and Roman spaces, connecting back thousands of years for our inspiration. In the second retreat we will visit four 16th century Italian Renaissance gardens (and one ancient hill town) to reflect on and integrate our personal growth.

 We will stay in a villa that started life as a 13th century watch-tower and then became a convent.

Every room has a private ‘en-suite’ bathroom and a unique view over the Italian countryside.

Italy has a mild Mediterranean climate and spring is lovely.  The villa is in the center of a working farm so you can greet the horses, donkeys, chickens and farm house dog each morning if you choose.

I would love to have you come with us!

warmly, Barbara


* * * * *


“If you are choosing to go to Italy with Barbara and Linda, you are in for a treat!  It will be a memorable experience, I’m sure. Being an architect and gardener, Barbara knows a lot about gardens and beauty.  She is always willing to share her knowledge and she has the most beautiful, soothing voice. You’ll feel at peace just being around her.  I love attending her retreats in San Diego. Linda is just as lovely.  They have been working together for years.  I call them the “dynamic duo!” Linda’s forte is organization and God knows you need that when travelling!  I wish I could go. Enjoy your trip.”

Carolyn R., San Diego, CA

“Having been at your retreats before, I know whoever will be at the ‘Quiet Garden’ will go through a transformation and I am already happy for them. Barbara has a gentle soul and a strong mind and she uses them to empower and inspire others through her abundant love. Linda is a great assistant, responsible and reliable. I have been receiving her well written emails regularly and on time. At the retreats she is always organized and helps the guest settle down with ease. I wish I could be there. Best of luck to you.”

Shohreh  J.,  San Diego, CA